Supporting Children’s Mental Health: Tips for Parents and Educators

Supporting Children’s Mental Health: Tips for Parents and Educators

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Educators subscribe to one very important tenet: knowledge is power.

As youth suicide rates rise in America, more and more families and communities are asking teachers and school administrators to go on the offensive in the struggle against mental illness.

Like those who work tirelessly to lead the next generation, H-Solv also believes that knowledge is power. We want to empower school districts to protect students from the devastation of suicide.

We believe these tips on supporting children’s mental health—courtesy of the National Association of School Psychologists—will be instrumental in your fight against suicide:

  • Create a sense of belonging. Feeling connected and welcomed is essential to children’s positive adjustment, self-identification, and sense of trust in others and themselves. Building strong, positive relationships among students, school staff, and parents is important to promoting mental wellness.
  • Promote resilience. Adversity is a natural part of life and being resilient is important to overcoming challenges and good mental health. Connectedness, competency, helping others, and successfully facing difficult situations can foster resilience.
  • Develop competencies. Children need to know that they can overcome challenges and accomplish goals through their actions. Achieving academic success and developing individual talents and interests helps children feel competent and more able to deal with stress positively. Social competency is also important. Having friends and staying connected to friends and loved ones can enhance mental wellness.

Continue to prepare yourself and your district by downloading our Supporting Children’s Mental Health: Tips for Parents and Educators document, with more tips by the National Association of School Psychologists on protecting the mental health of your students.

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