SafeScreen@ is the latest innovation in mental health care access for students: a telehealth solution that allows them to receive emotional care while in school. With SafeScreen@, students can go to a private location within their school and receive mental health care, addiction counseling, and report safety concerns—all while feeling safe and secure.

Want to help the children in your school district?
Enroll in the H-Solv SafeScreen@ Pilot Program.

Value to Students

Timely Access to Mental Health Care

Wait times to see mental health professionals are exceedingly long and prevent children from receiving care when they need to. SafeScreen@ allows students to have an appointment as soon as a problem arises.

Appointment Access

Parent availability and transportation factors can keep children from seeing medical professionals. SafeScreen@ allows all children the ability to see a mental health professional

Value to Parents

Distance to Care Reduced

If a child needs to see a doctor, their parent or guardian must pick them up and take them to an appointment. SafeScreen@ minimizes the travel and maximizes the care.

No Travel Time

Taking a child to see a doctor means parents lose time at work. SafeScreen@ insures children get the care they need, while removing the parental time commitment.

Value to Schools

More Instructional Hours

Medical appointments cost students and schools instructional hours. By moving care onsite with SafeScreen@, the loss of instructional hours is greatly reduced.

HIPAA Compliant / SafeScreen@ meets all HIPAA requirements.

Top-of-the-Line Security

All SafeScreen@ stations come with virus protection and monitoring.

Value to Counselors

Help More Children

Counselors can only be in one school at a time. But what if they could be in one place and see children at multiple schools, all in the same day? SafeScreen@ allows counselors to help children at multiple schools.

Designed for Mental Health Treatment

Unlike smartphone and personal computer-based telehealth services, SafeScreen@ is built from the ground up to accommodate the needs of students and meet the standards set by mental health professionals. SafeScreen@ was designed as a station so counselors are able to read student body language.

Want to help the children in your school district?
Enroll in the H-Solv SafeScreen@ Pilot Program.