New Year, New Me: New Year’s Resolutions for Improving Mental Health

New Year, New Me: New Year’s Resolutions for Improving Mental Health

2021 is here, and this new year brings with it the ability to leave the fear and anxiety of 2020 in the rearview and focus on improving our mental health. In the spirit of moving on, I’ve created three New Year’s resolutions for my mental health this year, three things that I want to improve upon in the next 365 days.

Be Kinder to Myself 

2020 taught me that I’m not my biggest cheerleader, and that I often do not give myself the benefit of the doubt. I want to show the same kindness to myself that I show my friends, family, and neighbors down the hall.

Learn to Say No

For a long time, I always felt like I had to say yes to all things that come my way, both in my professional and personal life. In 2021, I want to be more selective with my time, both how it’s spent and who it’s spent with. I’m going to work on understanding that turning something down is not the end of the world, and that it’s okay to carve out some time for myself.

Ask for Help

I always prided myself on not relying on others. I thought that was what being independent was all about. But I’ve realized that it’s okay to rely upon other people, to trust them to carry the load when it’s too heavy to bear alone. I will continue to push myself to reach to out to others when I feel overwhelmed.

Those are my three resolutions for 2021. As I move forward through the year, I’m going to work on making progress on these, but also not chastise myself when I don’t.

That’s called being kinder to yourself.

I encourage anyone who wants to improve how they feel about themselves to do the same. We can do it!

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