H-Solv Partnering with ANIMO Health on Access to Care for Children

H-Solv Partnering with ANIMO Health on Access to Care for Children

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H-Solv is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with ANIMO Health, a nonprofit dedicated to increasing access to mental health care for children. This partnership will not only help strengthen both organizations’ resolve to increase access to care for children in schools, but it will also help to leverage funding in order to make that access not only possible, but affordable.

Together, we’ll work with school administrators, counselors, and other key stakeholders to leverage grant funding to help support programs and initiatives that provide access to mental health care, addiction counseling, bullying counseling, and various learning modules for students—available on-site and on-demand in each participating school.

Given the current public and social health crises faced today, this partnership comes at a critical time for our youth. People of all ages are facing increased mental health challenges related to the coronavirus pandemic. Children face even greater adversity as they often lack the coping skills and life experience to be able to effectively manage life’s challenges. The goal of direct and on-demand access to mental health care is to remove barriers to care, so that children can access the care they need when they need it most.

Are you interested in helping children receive access to mental health services? We’re looking for generous donors, engaging community connections and partners, and selfless volunteers to help further our cause. Email ANIMO Health at Helping@AnimoHealth.org to see how you can get involved!

For more information on ANIMO Health, visit their website and like their Facebook page.

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