Governor DeWine Unveils Ohio’s First Suicide Prevention Plan

Governor DeWine Unveils Ohio’s First Suicide Prevention Plan

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine released the Suicide Prevention Plan for Ohio, a first-of-its-kind initiative that will direct the state’s suicide prevention efforts.

Created in collaboration between the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services and the Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation, the plan will guide the state’s actions for the next three years as it seeks to curb the state’s rising suicide rate.

As reported by the Ohio Department of Health, suicide deaths among Ohioans increased by 45% among all Ohioans, and by 56% among youth ages 10-24 from 2007-2018.

“I can’t think of anything more gut-wrenching for a family than losing someone to suicide. In Ohio five people a day die by suicide, and a youth dies by suicide every 33 hours. These are sobering statistics and it will take all of us working together to make an impact and reduce the number of deaths by suicide across the state,” Governor DeWine said.

The Suicide Prevention Plan’s priority strategies include:

  1. All Ohioans will recognize the warning signs and risk factors of suicide and respond appropriately.
  2. Ohio will concentrate efforts on integrating suicide prevention practices and suicide care, including postvention, into high- impact systems, including health care, public safety, and education.
  3. Ohio will build suicide prevention capacity and infrastructure at the organizational, local, and state levels.
  4. Ohio will concentrate prevention efforts on groups identified by data as those with a higher rate of suicide, including:
  • Youth, ages 10-24.
  • Males, ages 25-59.
  • Veterans and military members.
  • Residents of highest-risk Appalachian counties.
  • Community population focus as identified by local data.
  1. Ohio will standardize, gather, and utilize data to continuously inform and evaluate its approach.

To read the Suicide Prevention Plan for Ohio in full, click here.

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