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H-Solv Partnering with ANIMO Health on Access to Care for Children

Breaking news! H-Solv is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with ANIMO Health, a nonprofit dedicated to increasing access to mental health care for children. This partnership will not[…]

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It’s Okay to Not Feel Okay

Photo by Richard Jaimes on Unsplash My personal journey has been a long one. I’ve struggled with depression for nearly 30 years—and half of that was severe, suicidal depression. I tried counseling, medications,[…]

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Drug Enforcement Administration Announces “Secure Your Meds” Campaign

Image courtesy of the Drug Enforcement Administration The Drug Enforcement Administration announced its new “Secure Your Meds” awareness campaign this week. The campaign asks Americans to address the prescription drugs[…]

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Breaking News!

H-Solv Engaging
 AT&T on 5G Functionality for SafeScreen@

H-Solv is working with AT&T to use their world-class 5G network to further enhance the functionality of the SafeScreen@ stations.
AT&T’s 5G network will provide lightning-fast, reliable connectivity, allowing children to experience counseling care in real time and in high definition, resulting in a better care experience.

If your school or district is interested in learning more, please contact Ken Fanger at 216-505-7753, or email kfanger@h-solv.com.



SafeScreen@ is the latest innovation in mental health care access for students: a telehealth solution that allows them to receive emotional care while in school. With SafeScreen@, students can go to a private location within their school and receive mental health care, addiction counseling, and report safety concerns—all while feeling safe and secure.

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miMYnd is a digital, evidence-based learning system designed to provide students with the knowledge and tools they need to overcome mental health issues and stigma. With miMYnd, students can access a variety of interactive lessons on understanding their own emotional and mental health, coping skills, and more.

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Keep children & teens safe:

Dispose of expired, unused, or unwanted prescription and over the counter medications – safely and anonymously.

The DEA National Prescription Take Back events occur twice each year, in the spring and the fall.

If you miss the event, you can find a disposal location near you by clicking on the link below.

Find Drug Disposal Locations Near You

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